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Acumatica Best Usability Summer 2021

Unlike most accounting software options, users ACTUALLY enjoy using Acumatica

“I no longer get frustrated using Acumatica. Seriously, I cannot recommend this ERP enough!”


G2 reveals that Acumatica customers consider Acumatica an easy-to-use ERP solution that more than meets their requirements.

Acumatica continues to win awards for it’s ease of use and functionality.   To better understand the solution, you need to see it for your self.  Having all of the data from your business in one location allows you to make better business decisions react to real time challenges.

It all starts with a great partner.   Contego has been in the ERP space since 2005 and a Gold certified partner since 2015.  We work with our customers implement great solutions and walk with them as business needs change and grow.

Contact us to setup a demo that can show you how an ERP solution can change the way you do business.

Fully integrated reporting capabilities mean you don’t have to go back and forth between software products.

Because Acumatica pricing is based on usage you never have to worry about unecessary cost increases as you scale.

The benefit of cloud-based applications mean you can work with ease from anywhere and at anytime.

Time to Move to Acumatica Accounting Software

Ditch the stressful accounting softwares behind

Let Acumatica revolutionize your accounting and enterprise capabilities.

“Business owners want to spend less time on transactional processes and more time focused on the growth of their business.”

Acumatica offers seamless integration between accounting and all other elements of a business. This integration maximizes functionality, decreases time spent on transactional processes, and allows you to focus on building your business

4.5 out of 5 users think Acumatica is the best business solution for their organization!

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