Acumatica AP Document Version History


Here’s a summary of the developments since the initial release. 

2020 R2 (September 2020)  

  • Initial release of the AP Document Recognition feature 
  • Invoices can be processed coming from the Outlook Add-In, a dedicated incoming email address, or imported directly into Acumatica 
  • Documents are submitted for recognition and the fields are mapped to the AP Bills and Adjustments screen 
  • Initially, this only worked for non-stock items and did not work for stock inventory items and bills linked to purchase orders. 

2021 R1 (March 2021)  

  • Ability to link incoming bills to a Purchase Order and/or Purchase Receipt.  Processing options will depend on your configuration options on the Vendor if “Allow AP Bill before Receipt” is enabled.  If it is enabled, bills can be processed and linked to the PO without the Receipt being entered.  If it is not enabled, you will not be able to match until the Purchase Receipt is recorded. 
  • Ability to search for an Inventory ID by a cross referenced Alternate ID.  Often Vendors have a different ID for their items and now you can track both in the system. 
  • Automatic creation of new cross references when Alternate IDs are manually matched on the Incoming Documents page. 

2021 R2 (September 2021)  

2022 R1 (March 2022)  

  • Ability to resubmit documents for recognition if recognition failed or was interrupted 
  • Ability to search for a vendor after recognition 
  • Mass-Processing Form instead of a list of records on the Incoming Documents page 
  • Continued improvements to the mapping of document details