ERP Specialists

ERP implementation can be difficult, without the right team.  At Contego, we bring the right team to help make this a great experience

Designated Accounting Professionals

  • This team ensures that the key building blocks to a successful implementation are in place.
  • Reviewed chart of accounts that gives you proper reporting by breaking down revenues and expenses by region, product line, service category, etc.
  • Review of accounting practices that ensure you follow best practices to keep you on side with taxes and government reporting.

Business Analysts

  • This team helps you work through your process and define the system in a way that you do work, or helps you fix your processes to follow industry standards.

Project Managers

  • This team helps you keep the project on track and helps focus team members from both sides meet deadlines and find solutions in a timely manner

Systems Integrators

  • This team helps to connect with remote systems to get the best out of your system.   This could be connecting to banks, operations system, or timekeeping and payroll solutions.