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Help Us Help You - Assessment- Rigorous analysis of your business needsBest Solution- Industry leading software or custom developmentDeployment- Cost effective and efficient

Contego Group offers a full range of ERP management services to help you and your business Take Control – gain visibility into your whole business.Trust Your Data – Improve data accuracy and reliability. Improve Margins – Course correct with real time data. Reduce Operating Costs – Improve efficiency with improved workflow. Improve your Business Intelligence – Turn data into useful information.

1. Understanding your unique priorities to find the biggest return on your investment.

We take the time to understand your unique operation. Our consultative process will help you prioritiize business functions in order to maximum return on your investment.

TIP – Switching to or upgrading to an ERP is a major investment. Take the time you need to feel good about your choice.

2. Organizational Process Review: Because the solution is more than just software.

Moving to an ERP is a good opportunity to upgrade internal processes and workflow. Our team will help you ask the right questions.

TIP – Moving to an ERP will make processes more efficient, but it will not fix bad processes. Engage with your staff to come up with the most effective path and workflow before implementing your system.

3. Choosing Technology: We will guide you to a strategic choice.

Need help deciding between in-house/on-premise, cloud or hosted? Each option has its pros and cons. Your company philosophy, IT staffing levels and access requirements are just some of the things that will dictate which choice works best for you.

TIP – Maintaining your own infrastructure environment may come with additional up-front, maintenance and staffing costs, but provides you with more control. Cloud hosting can provide a secure, low-maintenance environment for a predictable annual or monthly fee

4. ERP Implementation: Working collaboratively with your whole team.

System implementation is a great opportunity to create buy-in from your team for your new system and processes. We include your team in process reviews, system implementation, testing and training.

TIP – Assign internal resources to the implementation. It will help immensely if you create an internal implementation team and set accountability.

5. Long term system support: Making sure your system grows with you.

You’ve just made an important investment in your organizational success. We help you ensure that investment is maximized over the long term. We check in regularly and keep you educated on what’s new and available to keep you moving forward.

TIP – It will take time for your team to adjust to the new system. Implement the key functions first, then continue working with your system support provider to expand system functionality over time.