Designed for the Independent Building Supply Store

Get to Know ARMS POS

It’s Fast

We are fast! In any given moment in your day you will be quoting, purchasing, billing a customer, or checking on the performance of a inventory department. You can accomplish all this with the press of one key. Yes, one key moves you between any of these daily functions and back right to where you left off. Fast!

It’s Secure

Built to run on your equipment, in your store, with three levels of backup built in to protect your data.

It’s Easy

It works like you work. No new concepts or terms to learn. You will be making sales and managing your business with ease on day one.

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The ARMS Story

In 1985, an owner of a building supply store in northern Canada realized that the software needs of an independent retailer were very different from other POS systems available on the market. He put together a software design and development team, and with hands on building supply experience as a guide, Aggressive Retail Management Systems Inc. Point of Sale was born. Unlike other systems which start out as accounting systems with Point of Sales added on the back end, ARMS was designed to optimize the Point of Sale invoicing function as the core of the system. Today ARMS POS is running at independent building supply stores in Canada and the USA.

On May 1, 2023, ARMS POS was purchased by Contego, with the intent of both supporting and improving the great software experience that ARMS customers have come to expect.