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Windows Versions

Can I keep using Windows XP?
We recommend upgrading from XP to Windows 10 because of the inherent security exposures that now exist in Windows XP. If you continue using XP, we recommend that your XP machines should not be connected to the internet.

For what version of Windows is Kalypso best suited?
We recommend Windows 10 Professional for all of your workstations. For networks of up to 6 users, the Server may use Windows 10-Pro, but after that Windows Server 2008 or newer should be installed.

What is the problem with Windows 7 and Windows 8?
These versions of Windows were designed by Microsoft to be more secure than previous versions, and contain built-in rules to minimize damage from hackers, viruses, worms, etc. These rules have caused some problems with initial setup of Kalypso. If you move the programs and data directories to C:\Kalypso the security can be configured to work smoothly.

If I run Kalypso under Windows Vista, 7 or 8, what can I do to ensure that I won’t have a problem?
First, ensure that the Windows version is either pure 32-bit or 32-bit backwards-compatible. Then, select User Accounts in the Control Panel. For Vista, turn off UAC Controls. For Windows 7 or 8, do not turn off UAC Controls, instead select “Never Notify”, and ensure that Everyone has R/W access to the Kalypso folder.

Windows 10 is a 64-bit system – does that affect Kalypso?
If Windows 10 or your PC is pure 64-bit, Kalypso may have issues with your printer drivers. Verify that there are Windows 10 64 bit printer drivers for all of your printers.

Hardware Requirements

My office is going to be using Kalypso on a small local network. What sort of computer equipment would I need
Network servers should have 4GB of main memory, and a RAID disk-drive configuration is a nice option. The Server must be protected by a UPS (no-break uninterruptible power supply) that will run the computer for 30 minutes from the time of a power blackout. A router is essential if Internet access is available, and high-quality switches should be used to maintain network performance.

How about work-stations
Busy point-of-sale stations should have 2GB of main memory and 1-2GB of virtual memory. Other stations should have at least 1GB of memory.

What kind of printers are supported by Kalypso
Kalypso supports both Dot Matrix and Laser/LaserJet printers. Where printers are shared across a network, the interface should be parallel or network. Sharing of locally-attached USB printers across a network is not recommended.

What is the best procedure for end-of-day backup
End-of-day backup allows you to back the entire Kalypso data base of your organization. For sheer efficiency, this backup should be done on the server itself. You may use a R/W CD or DVD that has been formatted for data use, or a USB stick with 2GB (or more) memory.

Transferring the Software to another PC

I am adding another PC to my network. How do I do this?
First, you should know that each additional PC will increase your monthly support costs by $10, so Contego should be advised. Then, follow the steps in answer to the question below.

One of the PC stations in my network is going to be replaced. How do I go about this?
Contego can provide you with updated hardware and software that is Kalypso compatible. MCS does not provide detailed advice regarding software transfer, but has documented all the necessary steps. If you are not familiar with Windows versions and/or network setup, you will need the help of someone who can execute the instructions below.

1.. Overview
Kalypso is Windows software and must be installed before it will run. There are 2 options:

  • (a) Install Kalypso from the original program CD supplied by Contego
    Not advisable if the program CD is more than 2 years old (Contego can supply an up-to-date program CD for a one-off charge of $50). In any event, you will need to call Contego for advice on how to configure the newly-installed software.
  • (b) Copy Kalypso from another PC to the new PC, and then install.
    This is the preferred option. If the outgoing PC is still operative, use it as the source for the copy operation. If the outgoing PC is not operative, use another PC in the network that is as similar as possible in operation to the outgoing PC, especially with respect to printer usage.

2.. Copy Kalypso from old PC to new PC

The entire Kalypso folder, complete with the subfolders “Data” and “Tools” should be copied from the source PC onto an empty USB flash drive, and then copied into the C:\Kalypso\  folder of the new PC.

Then, setup the Kalypso shortcut on the new PC, with the same properties as on the old PC. Then, change the icon pathname to C:\Kalypso\Kalwin32.ico.  Modify the Kalypso.INI file to point to C:\Kalypso\ not to the \Program Files\Kalypso directory.


* Different versions of Windows

For best results, run Kalypso under Windows 7 or Windows 10. Use the Enterprise or Professional versions, avoid the Home versions, and avoid Windows Vista.

Kalypso is 32-bit software. Windows 7 and 10 are able to run both 32-bit and 64-bit software, whereas Windows XP is 32-bit only.

As a result, under Windows XP Microsoft installs Kalypso in the folder C:\Program Files, but under Windows 7/8/10 Kalypso runs with fewer problems if  installed in the folder C:\Kalypso.

Note that if Kalypso was installed in C:\Program Files on the outgoing PC, and is being copied to C:\Kalypso\ on the new PC, the icon pathname above must be set to C:\Kalypso\Kalwin32.ico. Contego must also be notified in order to re-configure the software for future updates.

3.. Turn off UAC for the Kalypso folder (Windows 7, 8 and 10)

In some cases, Kalypso will need to do a Read/Write operation within the local Kalypso folder, particularly during software updates.

4.. Using Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft has built in even more strict security checks and balances. At some point in the future, Microsoft will release a new version of Windows 10 that will not support Kalypso. In the meantime, some general guidelines:

  • Standalone PC: Move the Kalypso folder, complete with all sub-folders, to the root of drive C. Then, edit the [Paths] section of the text file Kalypso.ini (in the Kalypso folder), to show Workpath=C:\Kalypso and DataPath, ArchivePath and HardDiskBackupPath=C:\Kalypso\Data. Then, modify the Kalypso icon starting pathname to show C:\Kalypso\Kalypso.exe.
  • Network Station: Move the Kalypso folder, complete with all sub-folders, to the root of drive C. Then, edit the [Paths] section of the text file Kalypso.ini (in the Kalypso folder), to show Workpath=C:\Kalypso. Then, modify the Kalypso icon starting pathname to show C:\Kalypso\Kalypso.exe.
  • Network Server: Move the Kalypso folder, complete with all sub-folders, to the root of drive C.

If the Kalypso data is already being maintained on a separate folder on C, modify the Kalypso icon starting pathname to show C:\Kalypso\Kalypso.exe, and no further action is needed.

Otherwise, if the Kalypso data folder is just a sub-folder of the Kalypso programs folder, edit the [Paths] section of the text file Kalypso.ini (in the Kalypso folder), to show Workpath= C:\Kalypso and DataPath, ArchivePath and HardDiskBackupPath=C:\Kalypso\Data, and ensure that this newly-positioned data area has the same sharename as before. Finally, modify the Kalypso icon starting pathname to show C:\Kalypso\Kalypso.exe.

5.. Installing the Software

Kalypso will not run until installed. Proceed as follows:

  • (a) Navigate to the folder C:\Program Files \Kalypso\Tools or, for Windows 8/10, to C:\Kalypso\Tools.
  • (b) Open the Tools folder and run the installation program called “FujitsuNetCOBOL70.exe”. For Windows 10, you must run the install as the Administrator.
  • (c) When the installation is complete, open the Tools folder again and run the program called “FREEUpdate.exe”. For Windows 10, you must run the install as the Administrator.

Kalypso is now installed and, when the new PC is added to the LAN, may be loaded and will immediately access the accounting data.

All that remains is to configure the printer assignments, and even that may not be needed if the original source PC was similar in operation to the new PC. In any event, call Contego if you need help.

Systems Administration

Is is true that only a Master User can do the full data backup at end-day
No, a Regular User can be specifically authorized to do the job.

Can a Master User sign on at any work-station
Any user can sign on at any station, but the current user must first sign off.

When I try to run Kalypso, I get a message saying there is a possible error in the data pathname. What does that mean
An incorrect data pathname was assigned by the person who set up the network, or the Network server is not online. In any event, the user file cannot be found from that particular station.

Press the F9 key, re-enter the original default value for the data pathname (usually C:\Program Files\Kalypso\Data). Then, re-enter Kalypso and either fix the pathname error, or bring the Server online.

Which of these devices can be used by Kalypso for end-day data backup – CD, DVD, Memory Stick, External disk drive, Memory card?
Any of the above.

General Ledger

When I list my G/L accounts, an error message tells me that I have “misplaced ‘b’ or ‘p’ accounts”. What does that mean
You have either set up a P/L account with a number in the Balance Sheet range, or a Balance Sheet account in the P/L range. Check the listing to find the error(s).

Can I continue posting to the G/L for the next Financial year before closing off the last month in the current Financial Year

After “rolling over” the G/L balances at year end, can I begin month-end close-outs for the current Financial Year before I receive last year’s adjustments from my accountant
Yes. It’s not unusual to have to wait several months for your accountant’s adjustments to arrive. That should never be a reason to delay processing your G/L for the current year.

Can I change the account number of a G/L account anytime during the year
Yes. The computer will also automatically re-code all transactions for the current and previous year. However, make sure your Chart is still valid after the re-numbering.

Accounts Receivable

Can I search the customer file by telephone number?
Yes, but only during Customer file maintenance. Enter the Account number as the letter “P” followed by the 3-digit area number. For example, “P386” will start a search for all customers in the 386 area.

What is an “Unallocated Credit” transaction?
It’s a payment or other credit with a document number that cannot be matched against any outstanding invoice or other charge. They only apply to Open-Item accounts.

Can I print an up-to-date customer statement at any time?
Yes, use the Customer Account Inquiry. However, the computer will not calculate or include interest charges for amounts overdue since last month-end.

Last month-end, I forgot to print the Synoptic Journal, and point-of-sale work has already commenced for this month. How can I get totals for posting to the G/L?
If your A/R is set up to maintain archive transactions, you can access last month’s transaction file, get the G/L summary totals and post them to the G/L by hand. These totals will include any service charges generated by the computer during end-month processing.

A customer cheque has been returned “NSF”. How do I handle it in the A/R?
The basic entries will be a Debit to the customer account and a Credit to the Bank. However, the entry details will depend on when the original payment was received, how many invoices were involved, whether is there a Finance charge and whether the account is Balance-forward or Open-item. You will probably need to talk to us.

Accounts Payable

I want to enter a bill in the A/P so I can incur the expense, but I don’t want to pay it until further notice. What do I do?
Enter it with a due-date at least a year ahead of today’s date. You can always change the due-date when you’re ready to pay the bill.

How can I pay bills in foreign currency?
You can use the A/P to purchase a Bank draft, or set up one of the Banks for foreign currency.

During a cheque print, the printer jammed and several cheques are missing. What can I do?
Restore the A/P from backup and re-run the job. However, if most cheques are OK and only a few are missing, you can void the missing cheques and draw new ones to replace them.

A bill I entered some months ago has come due, but we have decided to make a partial payment only. How?
Locate the original entry, and split it into 2. One entry will show the amount you intend to pay, together with a due-date of today. The other entry shows the remaining amount, with a due-date sometime in the future.

Does Kalypso maintain A/P Vendor history?
Yes. All paid bills are stored in a Vendor History file, and include the date paid and cheque number.

Inventory Management

Why does Kalypso allow for up to 12 UPC codes per item?
One of the digits in a UPC code indicates country of origin. So, an item manufactured in several different countries can have several UPC codes.

Does Kalypso support item decimal fractions?
Yes. You may specify sale quantities containing up to 3 decimal places. Stock levels may also be maintained to 3 decimal places.

When I’m preparing a P/O, can I see a 12-month sales history for a specified item?
Yes. You will also see Quantity on Hand, on Order and Committed.

How can I get an accurate Physical Stock count valuation at year-end?
Use the Physical Stock Count module. For best accuracy, shut down operations while doing the actual count.

Does the P/O module allow for item short-shipment and/or cancellation.
Yes. Short-shipped items remain on back-order, to be received in subsequent deliveries.

Canadian Payroll

Where do I find the template for printing T4s?
The T4 template on the CRA website here seems to line up well with our T4 Print Process. Use the t4flat-14b.pdf file.

Some employees are paid monthly, others bi-weekly. How does Kalypso handle this?
You will have to set up and run 2 separate payrolls, but may combine them for T-4 printing at year-end.

Can I use Kalypso to maintain an employment history file?
Yes. For each employee, you can keep up to 100 lines of text information.

How are Taxable Benefits handled?
Taxable benefits are not actually paid to the employee, but must appear on the T-4 slip at year-end. For example, Medical/Dental premiums. They are CPP-eligible, but the employer must determine the EI-eligibility status.

I’d like to preview the next Payroll before I go ahead and run it. How?
The Gross-to-Net Inquiry job lets you do just that. No backup is required, and no data is at risk.

Can I pay employees by direct Bank transfer?
Yes. Kalypso does not itself communicate with the Bank(s), but provides all the information for you (or other special software packages) to do so.

Does Kalypso keep track of banked hours and sick days?

How does Kalypso handle Accrued Holiday Pay?
Accrued Holiday Pay is not expensed within the Payroll when it is accrued, only when it is actually paid out.

Order Entry & Invoicing

Do my Point-of-sale operators need to have access to Kalypso Accounts Receivable and/or Inventory?
No. Everything they need to know about the customer and/or inventory item(s) is shown onscreen.

I know I can use barcodes or UPC codes to find a single item. What can I use to search through the Inventory file?
You can search in any of the following sequences: Item Number, PLU Number, Search Word, Item Description, or Category.

How can I lookup a customer by telephone number?
Instead of entering a 6-digit account number or doing an alphabetic search, just enter the last 7 digits of the phone number.

I got a warning message at the point-of-sale a that a customer account status was “Uncertain”. What does that mean?
This Open-item customer has one or more invoices overdue, but also has an unallocated credit, and the credit limit is not exceeded. It’s not usually a problem, but check with Credit Control.

A customer has a contract price for an item, but the item is also on a Flyer sale. Which price will the computer select?
The lower of the 2 prices.

Can Kalypso handle deposits on Orders?
Yes, but it is a procedure that everyone must understand and follow in order to avoid cash-out errors at end-day.

I wish to recall a long and complex invoice, and use it as a template for an invoice to another customer. Is this possible?

Job Costing

How does Job Costing link with Payroll, A/P, A/R and Inventory?
First, each of the modules you wish to link with must have the Job-Cost option activated. Then, transactions being entered are checked to see if they contain one of the Work-in-Process G/L codes that have been pre-stored in Job-Costing.

I’m nearly ready to run the Payroll, but need to prepare a up-to-the-minute Job-Cost Detail report. Can this be done?
Yes. The Job Cost programs will interrogate the Payroll and include all timesheet entries, even before they are processed.

I need to run a Job Cost Detail report to check expenses posted within a specific range of dates. Is this possible?

Business Synopsis

What exactly is a “Business Synopsis”?
Kalypso Business Synopsis is a 1-screen summary of the financial status of your Company or organization at the present time. It is prepared on-demand.

How is the Synopsis prepared?
Kalypso interrogates each application module in turn, extracts required information and displays a table showing critical totals within each application.
Are these totals updated in real time?
No. Application totals are updated each time the job is run.