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Kalypso Product Description

Kalypso® software runs under all versions of Windows, standalone or on a network of multiple stations. Have a look here to see if is suitable for you.

What Computers Will I Need?

UPDATED: Kalypso is designed for a 32 bit operating system but is successfully running in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Recommended memory is not less than 4GB.

Kalypso works with Dot Matrix, Laser and LaserJet/Bubblejet printers. Point-of-sale users can also have barcode scanners, 40-column paper tape printers and display posts.

Comprehensive User Manuals are supplied with the software in MS-Word format.  Please contact us if you have lost your paper copies of the manuals and we’d be happy to provide you with digital copies.

What Business Will Kalypso Fit?

Over the years, experience has shown that Kalypso® is an excellent fit for networks of up to 32 stations, and for these business categories:

  • Professional Accountants or Bookkeepers
  • Pharmacies or Groceries
  • Retail Stores
  • Building Supply Dealers
  • Electrical Supply Retail/Wholesale
  • Auto Parts or Tire Dealers
  • TV and Stereo Dealers
  • Appliance Dealers
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Property Developers or Contractors
  • Rebuild or Repair Shops
  • Light Manufacturing/Assembly Plants
  • Service Industries

What Support Is Available?

After-sales support is very reasonably priced and in a class all by itself. Your calls for help and advice are quickly answered by support staff, Monday thru Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Coverage outside of these hours is also available.

We also provide custom programming services in support of the basic application packages, plus assistance and advice to your computer equipment suppliers.

For more detailed information about support or any Kalypso® application, check out our Products & Services.

Want Answers to These Questions?

For what size of Company or Organization is Kalypso suitable?
Kalypso is suitable for organizations with annual revenues in the range $100,000 to $20,000,000, and with equipment ranging from a standalone PC up to a network of maybe 25 users.

How does Kalypso handle Security and Administration?
Every user has a user-id and password, and must log in before they can access Kalypso. Thereafter, Master Users have access to all Kalypso jobs, while Regular users can only access those jobs authorized by a Master User.

Can Kalypso handle reports that require compressed print?.
Yes. Kalypso examines the length of the report header line, and adjusts the print pitch (10 cpi, 12 cpi or compressed (17 cpi) to fit the page.

Can I set up and change printer assignments directly from a Menu?
Yes. Nearly every aspect of system configuration is handled from a Menu.

What user documentation is available for Kalypso?
Full user manuals are supplied in Microsoft Word format, and context-sensitive Help is available at the touch of a button. In addition, user advice and assistance is built into the Trouble-Shooting section of Kalypso.

Does the point-of-sale software support display posts and/or barcode scanners?
Yes, although both are optional equipment. Display posts and table scanners will be attached to either a COM or USB port. Hand scanners will probably continue to be attached via the keyboard.

How much historical information will I be able to store for later lookup?
At a rough guess, you could store up to 500,000 – 1,000,000 invoices. The same for Orders and also for Quotations. For historical Accounting and Inventory transactions, you can go back 7-8 years. For Sales Statistics, probably 20 years.

If I run Kalypso under a Windows network, how can I achieve maximum efficiency?
Have a powerful server (4+ GB memory), don’t use the server as a workstation, but use the server for end-of-day backup. Also, it’s important for each PC station to have lots of memory (at least 4GB for busy point-of-sale stations).

If I change the size of a window, will Kalypso remember the settings next time I use that window?
Yes. At the start, Kalypso will automatically select the appropriate window size for the display. If you change the size or the font of a window, the new parameters will be stored and re-used the next time the window is opened.

There’s no one in my Company who understands double-entry book-keeping? Will that be a problem?
An understanding of basic double-entry book-keeping is highly recommended. In any event, such knowledge will be essential if you plan to produce financial statements in-house.

Does Kalypso run in real-time?
Kalypso runs real-time for those accounting areas where it’s critical. In particular, it ensures that customer balances and inventory stock status are always updated online and instantly available. Other modules run in batch mode, and this increases operating flexibility for the small business user. However, in an integrated Kalypso system, the General Ledger and Business Synopsis modules can interrogate the entire accounting system on demand and display a summary of balances.

Does Kalypso use Access or some other database?
No, Kalypso data files are not tied together in a single database, but exist as separate entities. This way makes it much easier for us to assist users in recovering from problem situations caused by acts of God, power interruptions, hardware failure or operator errors.

What provisions are there to help Kalypso users recover from problems?
Kalypso includes a suite of Trouble-Shooting software for this purpose. The software will diagnose problems, and close and/or repair damaged files wherever possible, often allowing work to continue without the need to restore data.