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Virtual Desktop Applications

It’s challenging to run older desktop applications.  But you still use them because they are an important part of your business.

You need to re-install with every new computer, with every windows upgrade, with every new user that uses that computer.

Now you can avoid all of that with Conego’s Virtual Application Environment.

  • Application configuration is saved and replicated between users
  • Application is backed up in the cloud
  • Get access to your Office 365 applications
  • Store data to your OneDrive for access from anywhere
  • Powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Managed by Contego

Database Access

Data Browser SQL

Applications that run SQL Express or SQL Server are accessible

Desktop Installs in the Cloud

Access your Desktop Applications from anywhere without loosing security

Data Storage

Data Browser Export

Your documents replicate to Microsoft’s OneDrive or SharePoint so you have built in storage and backups