Why you need an MISP?

Companies have begun to outsource their IT hardware management and support.   For smaller startups this usually starts out with someone’s brothers friends nephew or the production managers son that is still in school but wants to earn some money on the side.   This gives you some support but when they are on holidays or are in exams, this becomes an issue.

The next stage is the realization that IT needs more attention than that.   It needs someone who can come in during the day and keep staff productive without having to wait for IT issues to be fixed.  This service is known as an MSP or Managed Service Provided.   These companies can range from the one man shop to a group of techs that can solve your issues.   They will think about security, hardware, servers, networks, VPN’s into offices, etc.   When asked about applications, the standard answer is, “Yes, we support that app for other customers.”   Unfortunately what that really means is that they now how to install the app, backup the database, and can even setup a login ID for you within the system to manage security settings.  If you have an application issue, they often throw up their hands and say call the software provide.   When the issues get complicated is when the finger pointing starts.

  • Client – I’m getting an error when I run my application.
  • Software Provider – It’s a server issue.  Our application is working perfectly.
  • MSP – The server is working fine.  It must be a software issue.
  • Software Provider – We checked our system and have never had an issue like this.  It must be a server problem.
  • MSP – Here is an event log that shows your app is causing errors.
  • Then the ping pong begin.  SP – MSP – SP – MSP.
  • Client – Can’t someone just fix the problem!!!

Contego is that new breed of solution provider.   The MISP – Managed Information Services Provider.  With IT and software development teams that work closely together you pass these types of issues to us and we come back with a solution.

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Integrating IT and business systems.   From trouble shooting to performance tuning, to right sizing.

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