Out-of-Band Management

What is Out-of-Band Management?

Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) refers to the ability to remotely manage, access, and monitor a single or multiple devices of a system using a separate, dedicated communication channel independent of the primary network connection. For example, if a network device such as a router or switch becomes unresponsive or is misconfigured, an administrator can use Out-of-Band Management to (1) remotely access the device, (2) diagnose the problem, and (3) fix the issue.

Out-of-Band Management can be extremely crucial for providing access to troubleshoot and restore services, in situations where a network is down or unavailable. The following diagram simply explains how Out-of-Band Management works:

Contego’s Solutions

Contego recommends OpenGear as a top Out-of-Band Management solution which works with almost any brand of network hardware such as Cisco, HP, D-Link, Fortinet, Meraki. It also works with major power management hardware brands which includes APC, Liebert, Eaton, TrippLite, CyberPower, and a lot more.

The best combo includes Cellular WAN Pass Through, Environmental Monitoring, and an easy-to-use Cloud Management Console.

  • We will work with you to help size and procure an Out-Of-Band solution that best suits your needs.  
  • Assist your team with deployment of the Out-of-Band Management solution. 
  • Provide off-site monitoring service that ensures uptime for the cellular WAN connection and human response to alarm conditions as required. 
  • Combine with Contego Power Consulting to ensure uptime for the network hardware, reducing trouble calls and site visits. 

Below is a short list of compatible systems. Please email educontego@contegogroup.ca to check your system compatibility.

Why is Out-of-Band Management important to you?

Because Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) provides an additional layer of control and flexibility for managing devices and systems, particularly in situations where the primary network connection is unavailable or compromised.Contact us today 403-6908900 or educontego@contegogroup.ca 

OpenGear offers the most versatility of any Open Band Management solution. Unlike others (HP & Liebert), OpenGear is completely brand agnostic – meaning you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

OpenGear works with many major network hardware,  power management, and all other elements of a band management system. No other solution is as wide-ranging and versatile. OpenGear is the perfect solution for small branch locations, data centres, and large offices.

Key Features

Cloud Management Software centralizes access to all devices in one console

Cellular WAN for remote management access when the primary network is down allowing IT to access network device GUI/Console to troubleshoot the network or initiate a power cycle

Maintain SD-WAN and VPN gateway connectivity for remote users even when the primary network ISP is down allowing for domain credentials to pass through so users can continue to work during the outage

Cellular WAN also functions as a failover ISP connection for the primary network ISP

Remote Management for Branch Network Locations

Remote Management for Branch Network Locations

Remote Management for Branch Network Locations

Remote network monitoring and network management redundancy through an Out-of-Band Management device with cellular connectivity failover.

How Out-of-Band Management Works

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