The Transistor Tour & Contego

The transistor van and contego

The infamous Transistor Van is on route to Calgary and the Contego Team could not be more excited!

About the Tour

The Transistor Tour is a summer-long road trip in which the Transistor Van–a heavily branded van filled with the latest and greatest in enterprise technology–moves from city to city in Canada. In each of these cities, the Transistor Van team showcases emerging and relevant technologies that help businesses run better.

The Transistor Team chose Contego and Calgary for its July 14th stop because of the budding tech sector and because Contego shares much of the same values as the Transistor Van team, including–bridging the gap between business and technology.

The Value in a Good Partner

The Transistor Tour shares much of the same mission as our Calgary tech team. And thus, this partnership offers both the Contego team and the Transistor Van team an opportunity to share insights and industry expertise, and boost our marketing awareness. This truly is a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition, this is a customer-focused event for the Contego team. There will be free Cajun-inspired food and lots of opportunities for our amazing customers and clients to learn about new technologies and how they can help their businesses expand, and become more secure and efficient.

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