Hiring an External IT Firm

Increasingly complex IT systems are putting a damper on the growth potential of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, the speed at which new technologies are emerging is causing confusion at the managerial level, leaving decision-makers to make frequent changes to company protocols, often hurting efficiency and employee satisfaction. With frequently changing systems and an ever-growing demand for robust IT capabilities, it can be difficult for organizations to stay on top of IT requirements. Hiring an external IT firm can be the easiest way to overcome this challenge.

Like consumer technologies, organizations are faced with ever-increasing product benefits that claim to improve efficiencies, decrease costs, and better company morale. The truth is that many of these products do have the potential to make these changes, however, knowing which products are best for which organizations present challenges and potential consequences.

Three Benefits of Hiring an External IT Firm

Ultimately, hiring an external IT firm takes the stress of decision-making from already strained managers. Happy managers help build stronger workplace culture, thus anything to help create a stress-free environment is beneficial for the health of the organization.

Beyond the health of the organization, why should anyone seek out an external IT firm? Below are 4 benefits of hiring an external IT firm.

Need and Solution Fit

IT firms are experts in understanding your needs and how to address them—they spend all their time searching for problems and solutions in organizations like yours! This level of understanding means IT experts may see problems in your systems you did not know existed. Additionally, IT experts are always pre-built to be problem solvers and will stop at nothing to feed a solution to your individual need, no matter the size.

External IT Firms Can Lower Costs

Most IT firms are partners to some of the largest technology and IT system providers in the world. These partnerships mean discounted pricing for everything from software solutions to laptops or communication devices from brands such as Microsoft, HP, Fortinet, and IBM. Hiring an IT firm for software and/or hardware procurement can save you money!

Implementation and Management Assistance

Even the perfect IT systems or technology products can stop working. These events are frustrating, stressful, and expensive to rectify. Some IT firms specialize in limiting these events through proactive IT management (click here to learn more) and some specialize in 24/7 assistance, providing quick solutions to get your technology back up and running (click here for more info). Hiring an external IT firm is like having a tech expert at the ready 24/7 to tackle any technology problem your organization may face.

IT Firms Offer Custom Solutions

Most IT firms provide some level of a tailored solutions to meet individual organization needs. The benefits of custom solutions are that all your organization’s needs can be addressed in full—many IT systems and products can match most but not all of every organization’s needs. Custom solutions mean IT firms can build tailored solutions that provide the best value for the price when compared to broad IT solutions.

What Now?

Hiring an external IT firm to do any of the above and more can be a daunting task. Common questions many ask before doing so include:

Is this worth the cost?

Can my organization do a better job ourselves?

Do I really need proactive IT monitoring when nothing has gone wrong before?

All these questions are valid questions to ask when making a potentially expensive decision. However, your organization’s success depends on reliable IT systems, so why not take the proactive approach and ensure any future problems are addressed before they become catastrophic.