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Mobile Expense Submissions in the
Acumatica Mobile App

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Mobile Expense Receipt Capture

You’ve probably been here. It’s the end of the week and you’re trying to submit your corporate expenses for reimbursement, or your corporate card and you just can’t find that one receipt or maybe it’s ripped, and you spilled your coffee on it. You’ve put it off, because who wants to sit in front of a screen and type in all that information! Especially if you have to remember another password and into another program to do it.

Make lost and damaged receipts a thing of the past with the Mobile Receipt Recognition in the Acumatica App and have Acumatica be that single source of truth for your business. With the app, while you’re out, quickly snap a picture of the receipt and have the app do most of the work for you!

Using Acumatica’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you can reduce the manual data entry required and improve data accuracy. Over time, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning improve smart matching by identifying existing transactions and correctly matching future expenses based on feedback. This makes it quick and easy for employees to submit their receipts on time.

Because the Expense Module is fully integrated with Acumatica, there’s no need to transfer or move data from another system. Acumatica can process both personal reimbursements and corporate card expenses. Your expenses can be easily linked to Projects, Customers, Accounts Payable, and more. Using Acumatica’s approval work flows, you can make sure that all expenses are approved correctly and maintain your audit trail in Acumatica.