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Acumatica 2022 R2 New Feature Review:
GL Journal Entry Approval Process

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Acumatica improves usability with automated approval workflows for GL Transactions

Many companies require approval of manual general ledger journal entries before posting. Historically in Acumatica, there was no way to track this in the system which required companies to use various manual processes and work arounds to meet their accounting standards and audit requirements.

After upgrading to Acumatica 2022 R2, you can now manage your approval process for manual GL entries directly in the system. The same approval workflow and automation processes that already existed for other document types are now available for GL Journal Entries. With minimal set-up, you can start tracking your approvals within Acumatica and eliminate your reliance on hard copy or email approvals. Managers can get email reminders notifying them of new documents to approve. Using Acumatica’s Mobile App, documents can be approved while employees are on the go.

For more information on setting up this new feature in your Acumatica environment, please view the release notes here: