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Application Licensing Server

Contego has written a cloud based licensing management portal for our software.  We liked it so much we thought we should share it with other software providers.

It allows you to:

  • Assign licenses to a company
  • Automatically creates and assigns license seats if there are seats available
  • Track Installations of Software per device including last access date and IP address of the device
  • Renew Software License
  • Expire a Software License

You simply need to call the license server REST API as part of your code.  We can provide code samples for most common languages.

Easy Integration


We provide source code samples and suggestions to make your integration simple.

License Management


Give your help desk the ability to expire, reset or clean up old licenses per site.  See the last time a device connected.



Review upcoming license expires for billing.  View license usage or under usage to help clients get the most out of your software.