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From our downtown Calgary office location, we combine remote service capabilities and a mobile workforce to offer immediate support for customers that have branch offices across Canada and the world.

Legacy Software Rescue

Many organizations build custom solutions that give them significant competitive advantage and become core to their business processes.  These applications are often built in MS Access, VB or something else by built in-house developers or consultants.

Over time, changes happen within the the company and challenges arise:

  • Your development team has moved on
  • Technologies evolve (operating systems, programming languages, etc.)
  • New priorities have taken the focus and business processes have changed
  • There are too many apps to support
  • The development environment has reached its end of life
  • The application should be retired but you still need to export the data.

Contego can step in an take over the application support in 3 key areas.

Code Review

We start by reviewing the code and learning the application so we can quickly fix and support issues that occur.

Fix and Update

What Are The Benefits?

We can fix bugs in the system, correct data errors.   We can also help you with application support since we can see what’s going on in the inside.

Add Functionality

Looking for a new support partner?

We help you move the application forward.  This can be simply adding functionality through to re-writing in a modern technology.