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From our downtown Calgary office location, we combine remote service capabilities and a mobile workforce to offer immediate support for customers that have branch offices across Canada and the world.

Managed IT Solutions

Contego’s Managed IT Solutions takes away the worry of all your IT Needs at a monthly fee that gives you cost certainty.

What's required?

With Contego’s Managed IT Solutions we need you to follow our guidelines so that we can support you easily.

  • Current Equipment – Contego needs to know that your equipment is current and still under manufacturers support.  If the equipment is older then it needs to be replaced by Contego supplied gear that meets our defined best practice standards.
  • Cloud Backups are in place – We need to know that your data is protected and recoverable before we take over management of your information.  If this is not in place, a backup solution and implementation needs to be approved.
  • Security Review has been Completed – We need to do a review of your environment and know that it is virus and malware free.    We also need to know that password policies are in place and being followed, two factor authentication is in place.

What's included?

Your Managed IT solution from Contego gives you a list of solutions that fit your needs.  Each option comes with definable benefits.

  • Managed Helpdesk
  • Managed Servers
  • Managed Network Operations
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Office 365
  • Managed Dynamics

What's the cost?

With Contego’s Managed IT Solutions the cost is up to you depending on what you want to do and what we do for you.

  • Small Business Infrastructure Bundle
    • Gateway and Network
    • Redundant Server Hosts
    • IT Administration, Domain and File Server
    • Security and backup monitoring
  • For helpdesk it’s a per user fee.
  • Bundle in Cloud Services and Security Applications
  • For equipment it’s per server and network device.
  • For helpdesk it’s a per user fee.
  • For Office 365 it’s per account.
  • For equipment it’s per server and network device.

Beyond the day to day support is the improvements that we can help you achieve.  Contact Contego to discuss your customized services bundle.

Managed Helpdesk

Email is the simplest place to start.  It let’s you see what a cloud solution looks like with a small investment.

Managed Infrastructure

Looking for a new support partner?

Contego manages the application servers, network switches, wireless devices, and inter-office connections including patching and maintenance.

Managed Security

Security Audit & Penetration Tests

Contego helps you develop security policies and implement security solutions including training and ongoing monitoring.