Why Network Security Matters

What is Network Security

Network security (NS) is a broad term that defines a multitude of processes, technologies, and devices. These terms are a set of rules and arrangements that are designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of computer networks and data. Network security uses both software and hardware technologies to create robust safeguards. With the advance of cyber threats, every organization, regardless of size should have some level of protection.

The business world of today is predominantly online and thus, any downtime can result in catastrophic disruptions and damage to any organization. Protection should be at the forefront of any management team. However, many don’t know why network security (a.k.a. network and data protection) is important.

The Worst-Case Scenario

Imagine your organization is about to close the biggest deal of the year. Everyone is working around the clock to ensure all necessary tasks are completed in time so the client can see the result as quickly as possible. Just days before the client is to receive the product, your organization’s networks crash, all data is lost or tampered with, and you no longer have access to your system. This sounds far-fetched but is becoming more and more commonplace for organizations that don’t take NS seriously.

The Best-Case Scenario

In contrast to the disaster above, imagine your organization took the necessary steps to protect data and networks from any form of attack or failure. Your system crashes days before the deadline to deliver a product to a demanding client. No matter, you took all necessary steps to ensure everything was secure and protected. Within minutes your backup systems are up and running, everyone is back to work, and all data has been secured. This is the ideal yet is still uncommon today.

As humans, we tend to ignore the risk factors until they are directly in front of us. In essence, we live reactively instead of proactively. For the benefit of your organization, take the proactive approach and secure your networks. If you’re interested in learning more about network security, click here. If you would like a free consult on your organization’s current network security, contact us here.